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“Capacity Building and Training CSO Leaders in Azerbaijan” with support of Management Center, Cyprus financed by European Commission (EC)

“Core and Institutional Support to CESD”, Think Tank Fund, Hungary

Monitoring of Oil Tenders in Azerbaijan” supported by PTF, USA

“Modeling of Natural Resource Management in Azerbaijan” supported by Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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The Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) has been set up to promote research and analysis into domestic economic and social issues for the purpose to positively influence the public policy decision-making processes. The Center is a leading Azerbaijani think tank specialized in economic and social policy issues working with and establishing bridge between the government and the various representatives of civil society. At the same time, the Center positions itself in the center of the civil society having tight relationships with media, 24 communities spread around Azerbaijan, NGOs providing services at the grass-root level, international think-tanks, financial institutions and donors, and virtually all the other think tanks functioning in Azerbaijan.

 As Azeri think tank, CESD however, has a more integrated approach on all public policy issues, and try to analyze the issues interchangeably, provide a more conceptual and inclusive approach to economic policy, identify and analyze not only the operational efficiencies of projects and policy issues within different sectors or regions, but also seek the added value from analyzing them together and looking at allocative efficiencies among sectors or projects, and have a longer-term and wider-coverage approach.

 Below are some of specific activities CESD involved that make the Center different from all other local think tanks:

 • CESD produces policy papers for the purpose to influence the government’s policy. These papers enabled CESD, as the only Azeri think tank, to be included in the Global Development Network’s profile ( . These products by CESD are also used by Centre for Policy Studies at Central European University.

 • While supporting and promoting the changes, such as the establishment of market economy, as one of the leading Azerbaijani think tank  CESD also is concerned with and produces relevant papers on inequality and poverty issues. CESD try to address these issues mainly through the effective government policies. The Center has a close cooperation with International Development Economics Associations ( in this area.

 • CESD has the largest and the most diverse network at both domestic and international levels. At the national level, this diversity includes partners in 24 regions, virtually all think tanks, universities and mass-media. At the international level, CESD has been included in all well-know think tanks directories. CESD is the first Azerbaijani think tank included in NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks (the world’s most popular think tanks directory). CESD is the first Azerbaijan Think Tank in Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World:

 • CESD was able to involve more recent graduates from Western universities to its research and activities. The Center is building tradition to become school for young specialists who potentially can play significant role in the policy development.

• CESD is closely working with volunteers. 8 volunteers are now involved in current activities of the Center, and we expect the figure to get larger by several times in the summer session. The Center also attracts interns to research and other activities during the academic breaks, and is planning to further develop this practice. Beside, CESD as one of the leadings think tank in Azerbaijan is cooperating with Peace Corps (USA) volunteers and the center will host Fulbright Scholar from the US in the fall for one year period.

• CESD has a leading role in analyzing allocative efficiency and analyses between sectors/regions/projects. In spite of the fact that the center’s expert bank is not large enough yet, some experts have already been invited to the analyze public expenditure monitoring by the government institutes.

• CESD has a leading role promoting public participation and providing cost-benefit methodologies and approaches to public programs and projects. The Center’s experts had a training with government officials and conducted awareness campaigns among the communities.

Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) was established for the purpose of promoting research into contemporary economic and social problems in 2005. The Center aims at organizing and promoting theoretical and practical research in the economic and social development problems (i), providing policy advice to the Government of Azerbaijan (ii), contributing to the national capacity building and raising public awareness of socio-economic issues (iii), fostering cooperation between the public, private, NGO sector, and educational institutions in addressing and resolving economic problems (iv) and assisting sustainable development, gender development, reducing poverty, achieving Millennium Development Goals and economic and social reforms (v). The Center was established with initiatives of some distinguished economists, mostly who have received degrees from Western Universities. As one of the leadings Azerbaijani NGO CESD holds regular seminars, conference and workshops on social and economic topics. The Center exchanges research papers with several research institutions abroad. CESD has achieved success by establishing an international network of academic contacts and promoting coordinated research programs. The centre's work has involved its researchers in studies of social sphere reforms, WTO accession; poverty reduction; MDGs and many other topics in Commonwealth Independent States (CIS) as well as in other transition countries

Areas of Concentration;

" Macroeconomic Policy
" Gender Development
" Competitiveness of the Azerbaijan Economy and Economic Growth.

 "Social Sphere

" Public Sector Reform

" Financial System, Taxation and Fiscal Policy
" Energy, Telecommunications, Transport

" EU Accession. Regional Cooperation. Foreign Economic Relations.

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Recent Publications

Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) was established for the purpose of promoting research into contemporary economic and social problems in 2005.

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Anti-crisis concept for Azerbaijan Republic


Download in azeri:

CESD prepared anti-crisis concept for Azerbaijan Republic. Project of Center for Economic and Social Development includes proposed action plans on each economic sector

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Anticrisis Proposals In English


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