CESD Announces Friday Student Seminars Program


The Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD, www.cesd.az ), leading Azerbaijani think tank specialized in economic and social policy, is pleased to announce CESD Friday Students Seminars Program. Through the program, students will be able to attend discussion on economic and social issues with well-known experts at the CESD office each Friday.

Registration is needed to attend Friday Seminars. Registration is based on first-come, first served. Please, note that number of seats is limited.

 Applicants should submit only CV to Kanan Karimizada, Head of Youth Economic Club at the CESD, at kanankarimzada@cesd.az  to register Friday Seminars.  All applicants must state the name of the “Friday Seminars” in the subject line of the email. 

There is no registration fee.

The CESD will offer coffee/tea break free of charge.

Discussions will be conducted either in Azeri or in English depends on audience.

No phone calls, please.

Download Announcement in Azeri